Weddings, First Communions, Graduations, Bar mitzvahs!

Your wedding  bouquet is a very special memory.  

Wedding flowers are costly but there is no way to preserve their beauty.  

Pressing or drying loses their color and texture.  

A painting of your wedding florals is a perfect way to make them remain

a forever keepsake!  

Make an Everlasting Heirloom with a

Painting of Your Bouquet!


Rustic & Beachy

18x24" Oil on Canvas

These beautiful wedding florals were immortalized in the portrait using an artistic arrangement of the bride's bouquet,

bridesmaid's bouquets, centerpieces & boutonnieres.  

A Wedding at a Local Winery

14x16" Oil on Canvas
Such a beautiful setting.  The colors were coral,  gold and white. 
 An oil painting to keep that special day in their memory forever.


Colorful Wedding 

11x14" Watercolor on Canvas

The flowers were brilliant!

 A very colorful bouquet. 

Notice the Mr and Mrs on the vase.  Requested by the bride and groom to be added . 

Beautiful Reds & Purples 

A Spring wedding! The watercolor is of the centerpiece.  The bride did not have a good photo of her bouquet so we settled on the centerpiece which inlfuded all of the wedding colors.  

Notice the pearls!

Bridal Bouquet for Krista and Ariea  12x12 Watercolor

Succulent bouquet....

The current beautiful effect

Jon and Melanie's

Wedding Flowers

Acrylic on canvas

 A Tribute to a Family Heritage 

16x24" oil on canvas

This painting is of a collection of the commissioner's family heirlooms.  Her mother's & grandmother's crystal china and silver is included.  The colors chosen for background and flowers were added by the artist to articulate the femininity of the matriarchs of the family.


 A Backyard Affair 

11x14" acrylic on canvas

The brides bouquet was tied into the colorscheme of the upholstery of the furniture in this backyard affair.  The home's owner wanted a keepsake to memoralize the event.  The newlyweds' names were included in the arrangement.



 A Beautiful Peonie My favorite!