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My Student's Beautiful works...

I have been teaching in my home studio for several years.  My students have come to me at every  level and want to learn various mediums.   Beginners, experienced to advanced.  I start with a few short individuaized lessons  with drawing, color theory, perspective and composition.  I like to answer questions about brushes, paint types, pallets, styles anything that I know I will teach you.   Here are a few examples of what they have painted and I very proudly show on my website.  The most recent are on this page but,

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Acrylic, watercolor, waterbased oil and watercolor pencil.

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“Leah transforms me into an artist during the three hours I spend in her class.  I am in love with every painting I have completed due to Leah's patience and guidance.  She is the absolute best.  Her classes are inspiring, fun and all her students are very supportive of each other.  I look forward to spending time in her studio with her guidance working on my next piece of art.  And as they say, art is all in the eyes of the beholder!!"

Karen Vold and her pups

“I have been attending painting classes with Leah for about a year. She is amazingly patient and talented as an educator.  She makes gentle sugestions when looking at students' work: her ideas are always right on the mark.  She is a genius at the subtleties of watercolor, but ventures around the students and their desires, but she keeps us inspired and on track.  Just being in her studio is a grand inspiration! I love going!  ”



"What a gift!  I look forward to every Friday morning.  I have always loved to draw, but never had time due to work and raising my family.   I finially retired and here I am doing something I have always wanted to do.  I have always admired Leah's talent, from creating clothing to doing her many artistic endeavors.,  To finially explore my creative side, I started classes with Leah.  The environment is wonderful and I really enjoy the other students with so much talent, and most of all, Leah's ability to teach me!! Thank you Leah for your patience and wonderful ability to see something artistic in me". 



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